Steelmark’s project area ranges from 10,000 to 2,50,000 sq. ft. Customers utmost
satisfaction and high quality work, with best quality material, reasonable
price and timely completion is of prime concern to the company.

Flexible Manufacturing

Steelmark has its own architectural and engineering design team, which enables it to be flexible and readily make adjustments to any design as per demand of its clients. Its design team comprises of highly qualified and experienced Architects and Engineers, who possess comprehensive experience of pre-engineered building projects.

Material Management

80% of the materials used in pre engineered steel buildings are imported. This shows that there has to be a strong materials management database in order to cater to client demands in any condition, Steelmark as a strong supplier network, which enables it to keep track of their supplies at each level of operation.Steelmark engages in flexible manufacturing as in they attempt to process their orders if and when they are made. The workforce in employment at the Konabari factory is hired on a flexible basis with only 100 permanent workers and another 100 temporary workers for peak demand conditions. This enables Steelmark to keep its payroll to a bare minimum and thus, helps the firm to be cost efficient in terms of employing human resources at the factory level.

Mass Customization

Each building produced by Steelmark is different from the other. As a result Steelmark provides complete customization for each of its clients. Although this may seem a high cost measure, this is the current industry norm and is followed by all major players in the industry. Pre engineered steel buildings have several common features that apply to all buildings made in that structure, however, customers are free to customize the products as per their needs.

Response Time

Steelmark is one of the few firms, which is seldom late on the delivery time stated on the work orders. As a result, they have built up a reputation of high customer focus and high service quality by being highly time sensitive in terms of their work completion. As a result of which Steelmark has had to minimize the work orders it accepts over the past few years because they are performing at over capacity levels most of the time, which makes it difficult for them to meet deadlines, unless they are carefully planned.

Steelmark Nine

1.Needs Analysis: Determining Client’s Requirements. Analyzing civil works,specifications Analysis of wind and soil parameters.

2.Proposal Design: Structural designs based on needs analysis. Estimates of materials based on needs .Setting of Rates for quotation.

3. Negotiations: Finalizing proposal. Finalizing agreements. Obtaining Initial Payments

4. Fabrication Stage: Awaiting of basic civil work completion. Setting of anchor bolts. Confirmation of final measurements. Fabrication of columns. Delivery of Columns. Fabrication of Rafters. Delivery of Rafters. Fabrication of Purlins. Delivery of Purlins.

5. Erection Stage 1: Setting up of columns. Setting up of initial Rafters. Setting up 20% of Purlins on initial Rafters.Finalizing Rafters.

6. Erection Stage 2: Finalizing full setting of Purlins. Roof Insulation setting. Roof Sheeting and skylight fitting.

7. Erection Stage 3: Setting up of side Purlins. Setting Side Sheeting. Fitting Ridge Ventilation. Fitting Natural Air Ventilation.

8. Finishing Stage: Awaiting of side walls (brick work) completion. Setting up Gutter and Down pipes for drainage.Testing of building for faults. Setting up of Doors and Canopies.

9. Building Handover: Inauguration. Feedback from clients.

Human Resources

Steelmark has the strongest base of human resources in the entire industry. With over a large number of graduate engineers working in its design section the company guarantees the highest quality of product design available in the market today. The factory staff are hand picked by the top management team such that only the best production staff are involved in directly manufacturing the product.

Qualified sales engineers are involved in leading sales activities such that the clients can have a full understanding of the product and company before he or she reaches a decision. This ascertains that the clients have complete faith on the sales engineers that make the sale and in the process gain faith on the corporate entity as well. This is especially beneficial for Steelmark because the rate of client retention increases in the said manner 30% more than regular channels.

Our Training is one of the best in the industry, with a strong emphasis being placed on on-the-job learning alongside with a development of theoretical aspects of engineering. Thus, our employees are best equipped to deliver services in accordance with both the client’s demands and also the most suited designs under the given environmental circumstances.

Finalcial Strength

In terms of firm performance, the company shows rapid financial growth, which is from BDT 20 million in 2002/03 to BDT 199.75 million 2006. This large revenue growth can be explained by the volume of orders that the firm received for its core product over the past 4 years. However, this revenue growth is very significant as this means that costs have been spread significantly on the overheads. This has been due to the large increase in client retention and increase in the volume of the operations which is also reflected in Steelmark’s growth in terms of infrastructural investment growth over the past 4 years.

Company Growth