About Steelmark Stainless Steel Ltd.

Steelmark is the most advanced professional stainless steel pipe manufacturer in Bangladesh. Steelmark Stainless Steel Ltd or Steelmark SS is the group concern of Steelmark Family, a business conglomerate in the metal product manufacturing industry. It has its largest concern Steelmark Buildings Ltd, the most prominent pre-fabricated steel building manufacturer in Bangladesh. Since 2003 Steelmark completed more than 1000 factory sheds all over Bangladesh. In its continuation Steelmark establish a MS-GI pipe-manufacturing plant in 2013 with the largest hot-dip galvanized plant in the region. After successful execution of the MS-GI pipe project Steelmark focuses stainless steel products and established Steelmark Stainless Steel Ltd in 2017. Steelmark has its history to maintain top-line quality finished goods that earned the utmost satisfaction and confidence to all its clients. Steelmark SS has a large product range according to the market demand and has a national wide supply network for quick and smooth distribution to the dealers and end users.

Steelmark SS Limited is one of the most modern stainless steel pipe manufacturer in Bangladesh. Head office located at Banglamotor, the manufacturing plant is located at Mawna, Sreepur, Gazipur Bazar, Gazipur, 55 km away from the Dhaka city in Steelmark industrial zone over a land of 700,000 square feet for meeting the domestic requirement of the country as well as to replace import of Stainless (SS) round pipe, box pipe, designed pipe and SS fittings.

Steelmark SS factory covers an area of 60,000 square feet, with around 100 employees and 16(sixteen) SS pipe production lines initially and have a capacity to expand up to 48(forty eight) lines in near future. With the annual production target of around 6,000 tons will reach up to 20,000 tons with the full setup.

Steelmark hold the newest machines, the most advanced manufacturing skills, and a strict quality control system with a complete set of updated devices for testing and inspection from raw material outsourcing to cargo delivery. Our products can meet ASTM, BS and JIS standards and are applied to home furniture, designed railings for bridge, flyover, metro-rail, Security posts, safety grills, hospital beds, medical equipment, commercial kitchen tops metallurgy, chemical and food processing industries, aviation, shipbuilding, construction, etc.

Through sincere efforts, best credibility and highest ethical standard, Steelmark SS Limited endeavor to become one of the finest steel pipe manufacturers in the World.