Steelmark is a business conglomerate working in the in the contraction, real estate, pipe manufacturing chemical trading and IT related business. Steelmark started its journey with the first company as Uttaran Structural Designers Ltd back in 2003. Four-dreamer civil engineer from the finest educational institutions of Bangladesh started the company with design, consultancy and real estate business. Later the company started a new wing of manufacturing for pre-fabricated steel structure in 2006 creating a new company named Steelmark Buildings Ltd.

Steelmark expanded their business and establish the full-fledged pre-fabricated steel structure-manufacturing unit in the current factory location Mawna, Gazipur in 2008.

Steelmark Building always focuses on choosing the best quality raw material specially the roofing material that positioned the company amongst the top in the industry.

Later in 2014 Steelmark started its manufacturing unit for MS and GI pipe. Currently Steelmark has the largest galvanizing unit in the industry and has the capacity to supply more that 60,000 MT of pipes each year.

The latest venture is Steelmark Stainless Steel Ltd since 2016 for manufacturing different round and box stainless steel (SS) pipes.

It utilizes only premium, heavy-duty steel and premium quality accessories on all of its buildings for durability and offers a dedicated engineering team to help facilitate fast and efficient design and delivery of your building. Every building is designed to meet the specific requirements of your project’s location for rain, wind and seismic coding. When Quality and Service Matters, Choose Steelmark – A recognized brand in the steel building industry.